I am one of those lucky American expats who has landed in London, on her feet, enjoying all that life in the UK has to offer. Straight off the bat, I wanted to see the sights and so polled advisors at SAT Travel, a firm which specializes in group tours for American expats, to find out their TOP FIVE FREE THINGS TO DO IN LONDON.

I’ll be on a mission to enjoy one or more of these outings over the next few weeks but thought you might want to form your own opinions as well. Here they are:

1. London’s Museums- Free admission to these world-class attractions makes a visit to the museums the number one top choice among the SAT Travel staff. I’ve decided to start with the Serpentine Gallery with a side visit to Hyde Park.

The Serpentine Gallery
2. The South Bank- Described as the “cultural heart” of London, this vibrant arts center is on the South Bank of the Thames River. With a wide range of cultural events to choose from, I will head for the Royal Festival Hall to scout out a free concert, exhibition or workshop.

4. The Scoop-Although many of London’s museums and galleries are free, it’s a little harder to find theatre or cinema that doesn’t come with a ticket price. One hotspot for free performances is The Scoop. This sunken space seats 800 and can be found beside City Hall and close to Tower Bridge.

Dancing at Tower Bridge

5. Queen Mary’s Rose Garden in Regent’s Park- Located in Regent’s Park, people have said that this is their favorite spot in London and so why not check it out? This garden has one of the best rose collections in the country. There’s more than just roses, too – there’s a rock garden and fountains and waterfalls… a lovely oasis in the centre of the city