Where to find the best Irish music

What’s on in the County Cork  Irish music scene?

Clonakilty 1

In Clonakilty- An Teach Beag with traditional Irish music every Saturday night.

Reverfolk 2015 PosterI have been spoiled for choices in the acoustic/folk music scene in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. For an expat woman of indeterminate age (moi) seeking social outlets, my introduction to Thursday nights at  Minchinghamton, opened the doors to friendship, fun and a variety of musical talents.


As soon as  I put “8 p.m./Thursdays/Minch “on my weekly calendar, more options were soon forthcoming. In fact, so many that I couldn’t really fit them all in; second Tuesdays at the Vault in Cirencester, last Sunday’s at Barney’s in Stroud, special performances in Wooton Under Edge and at the Shed in Tetbury… the list grew.

Ireland-Emerald-IsleSince my travels have landed me in Kinsale, Ireland  for 2 months, naturally my thoughts turned to finding similar venues. It was much more challenging. For one thing, everything starts LATE! Ten-thirty at night is often my wind-down-read-in-bed time. Oh well…adjusting.


I headed for a couple of Kinsale Pubs last Saturday night, those which advertized “Live Music.”  Rather as expected, the music was loud and competing with the drinking crowd and there was a blend of older couples and a predominance of twenty-something gals, all sporting high heels and feathered plumes. Well, not really feathered plumes but I think you know what I mean.   Not my scene.

Where's some great Irish music?

Where’s some great Irish music?

My quest to find a warm atmosphere, with a good mix of folk musicians and audience, a fun spot to land, continued. So,I kept asking folks for suggestions.  I drove to most of these towns and inquired in person. To my delight, I have quite a few good choices for any day of the week.

If Ireland is on your bucket list and you want to include traditional music, let SAT Travel know.  We’d  love to work on this for you.

  1. Dalton’s in Kinsale, Monday nights
  2. Charlie Madden’s Barg in Timoleague- Open to all musicians on Thursday’s
  3. Drumming Circle at Temperance Hall, Kinsale- 7PM Friday’s
  4. Huntsman Bar in Belgooly- 2nd Friday of every month
  5. Debarra’s in Clonakilty-every night
  6. O’Donovan’s Hotel- traditional Irish- Tuesday, Balads/Bluegrass Thurs, Swing and Show tunes Sundays
  7. Ballingspittle- Tuesday Irish dancing

Now for the fun!