Thinking about a family safari trip? Try Sri Lanka.

A Family Safari Trip in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka on World Map

In the southern part of the  island state of Sri Lanka lies Yala National Park, a nature reserve which is the home to many creatures including elephant, crocodile, wild boar, buffalo, leopard and a number of exotically coloured birds.bird_019

Our tour guide Alex drove us to the edge of the park where we transferred to a jeep, driven by a specialist park guide.  After the comfort of our minibus the jeep was quite a rough ride, but we made good progress through the park, stopping at various observation SL 1points to watch groups of birds and animals in their natural habitat. As the sun went down we stopped by a watering hole to watch the animals as they came to drink,  and we were thrilled to see a leopard stealthily trying to attack an antelope.

Sri Lanka is a wonderful destination for a family holiday offering clean beachbeaches, botanical gardens, historical buildings and tea plantations among other attractions. Accommodation ranges from budget guesthouses to luxury hotels as good as anywhere in the world. Through our local agent in Colombo SAT has extensive knowledge of the travel possibilities offered by this fascinating island, and we will be happy to put together packages according to your interests and budget.



Flights from London Heathrow to Colombo are plentiful and take about 10 1/2 hours.  One-way tickets are from £250 – £440.