Reporting live from Camden Market…

You’re either gonna love this or hate it but I was not that impressed with Camden Market.

Camden Market 1

After a brief 10 minute walk there from SAT Travel’s office, I kind of rushed my way through Camden Lock Market feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the hawking of wares, the repetitive goods for sale in the stalls and a lingering sense that this part of town was a bit dingy and dirty.

Maybe it’s the “country mouse” vs “city mouse” scenario since I spend long weekends in the laidback Cotswolds and then head for the bustle of London from Monday to Thursday. After all they say that London is a magnet for the 20 and 30-something crowd and I’m certain a bit beyond that…

Camden High St Camden 2

In any event, its noise and traffic and throngs of people kept pushing me forward towards the Wednesday crowds browsing the Camden Lock market stalls. Honestly, I’m not much of a shopper (unless you count car boot sales and charity shops ) so it was easy to resist the fake designer purses and the Turkish lamps. Less easy to resist was the international food court at the south end of the Stables Market.

Camden paella DSC_2331 Camden Market dessert

There, all my senses came alive and I was bowled over by the variety of ethnic food stalls;   from S. African to Indonesian and everything in between. Around each corner we were offered tempting morsels- it’s a definite thumbs up to return to that end of the market.

People watching was a definite plus. I should have parked at one of the pubs over a pint and carried on… next time. Camden people 2

As I perused online for more details about Camden Market, this refreshing young perspective jumped out at me from a blog called Shiny Thoughts. It’s good to get two points of view, don’t you agree?Camden people



Camden Lock Live

Aah summer, you make evenings so good. All that sunlight, warmth, excuse for beers and positive spirit you shine down on everyone makes for a good post-work party! Just like last year, the annual Camden Lock Live shindig by the canal was a right jolly knees-up.

My friends and I sipped cocktails by the barges and after a little exploring of the street food stalls, had a little skank-along to reggae beats in the DJ tent. There was a whole program of events including a jaw-droppingly intense belly-street-fusion troupe that rocked the Dance Stage which inspired us to recreate our own moves by the Live Stage to Youth Club – our fave band of the night! (The cute lead singer might have something to do with that.)