Places I often visit: UK, France, Italy

Because my first love was Paris,  back in the ’70’s,  we thought nothing of sticking out our thumb and heading for Spain or Belgium or Germany for the weekend.  I remain enamored of France, from its wild Brittany shores to its sophisticated Cote d’Azur living. The lure of Europe with such easy (and cheap!) access to a variety of cultures, peoples, foods, and scenery still very much has my heartstrings, these many years later.

Map UK, France, Italy

Along the way I grew a fractional ownership business, International Property Shares, and now enjoy my own home bases in the Languedoc, Bella Umbria, and my delightful town of Tetbury, near Bath, England.

Many of my posts are a result of the travel fabric and lifestyle I’ve woven. I hope that you enjoy my journey…