Nine Unexpected Things to Enjoy in my corner of England- The Cotswolds

  1. IMG_0168Shaun the Sheep-  is a British animated television character whose   madcap adventures around a small farm, as the leader of his flock, delighted British audiences. To raise money for The Children’s Hospital, 120 renowned artists created sculptures which were auctioned to benefit the charity raising an incredible £1,087,900. The owner of Filly’s in Tetbury is the mover-shaker behind our town’s “Shaun.”
  1. IMG_0167Hobb’s Bakery, 5 generations of experience – “I’ll take two Cherry Bakewells, one fruit nut feast and three Shortbreads, if you please.”



IMG_01723. Royal roots- OK. So I haven’t seen William, Kate or Princess Charlotte across the street from my house… yet.” But I do walk by this every morning right past the House of Cheese and of course, Highgrove, a must visit!


4. Fascinators are fascinating! Enchanting… Can you picture yourself wearing this   to your next wedding?

5. IMG_0174Bay Gallery Home– Cotswolds & London- Alexandra O’Brien showcases Australian Aboriginal tiles, wall paper, rugs & fabrics.




6.  Antiques- This lovely French clock had a “sold” sign on it in Anne Fowler’s shop. IMG_0176Such a beauty!

7. From antiques to Charity Emporiums. At £750 for this purse, you can be sure that this shop carries some high end goods. As you can see, Christmas is around the corner.

IMG_0180 - Copy

8. IMG_0173Moloh– Offbeat all-British womenswear label; regal dandy and preppy. England.

9. Dogs. Dogs. Everywhere. The British LOVE their dogs and they are treated royally. Here in Tetbury, many shops place dog water dishes outside during the summer. Cute as the dickens…image