A Trip to Remember!

What if, like me, you’ve yearned to really live in Europe since you first stepped foot in Paris some forty years ago?  And now, that dream is a reality. You find yourself here, easily identified as an American by your pronounced accent, ready smile and open demeanor, and there’s the rush of realizing that so much is at your fingertips…only a quick plane,train, or bike ride away.

Don’t get me wrong. Spending summers in Bend, Oregon where the rivers run wild, the high desert air is undoubtedly cleaner and more clear than anywhere you’ve set foot in the last decade, and the mountains salute an intensely azure sky, these things are all treasured. Yet, my deep delight comes from the old stone walls of Europe, the facility of intensely changing environments, all in a few hours train ride, the crazy quilt of languages which encircle the urban centers of Paris, London, Barcelona and Prague. Oh my- so much to discover…this will be a trip to remember.